1. Good Neighbor Rules


Our quiet rural neighborhood is the perfect spot for a desert retreat. We have wonderful neighbors on our block, and they value the peace and quiet too. Please keep them in mind as you enjoy the desert. 

Quiet hours are 10pm-8am. These hours are strictly enforced. 

Upper Grounds: Please ensure that sound does not carry beyond the courtyard walls, particularly past 10 pm.

Lower Grounds: Indoor-only sound past 10 pm.

2. Guest FAQs

Are you on a dirt road?  
You'll be on a smooth, welll-maintained dirt road for about 1/8 mile. Otherwise, everything is paved. 

How's the cell phone service?  
Service is strong for all major service providers.  

Do you have WiFi?: 
Yes, WiFi is provided. We are on rural internet, which means that it is most often steady and reliable, if occasionally a bit slow when congested. Two people can certainly Skype on their separate laptops simultaneously. 20 people certainly could not. Inclement weather will sometimes cause interruption. Overall, it's serviceable for web-browsing, social-media-ing, Google Doc-ing, and non-simultaneous media streaming.

If you require 100% reliable high-speed Internet, we strongly advise that you bring a personal WiFi hot spot.

Upper Grounds, Ranch House
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What is there to do?
Well, we definitely recommend our hot tubs and hammocks. Cocktails and horseshoes always seems to be a favorite, followed by an evening fire in our Fireside Lounge (if conditions allow).

There is a world beyond the ranch too! Check out our Joshua Tree page for local distances and orientation maps. If you are staying with us, you should have received our Joshua Tree Field Guide, full of local favorites and our insider tips.

What's the Uber/ Lyft situation? 
There appears to be one Uber/ Lyft driver in town, and they are rarely available.

Your best bet is making arrangements with Lucky 777 Cab (760)660-9115. We would advise to book ahead of time, they have minivans for group excursions. If you are planning a group trip to Pappy & Harriet’s this would be the vest way to go. They know the route very very well from the ranch, as this is a very popular excursion. Do be aware that there is very limited cell service in Pioneertown. 

I'd like to request an early check-in.
We keep to our 4pm check-in, as our maintenance and cleaning services rely on the allocated time block between guest bookings for regular cleaning/upkeep and also larger maintenance projects (such as building maintenance and repair, large landscaping projects). 

Based on availability, you can reserve a portion of the Hi Desert Ranch (for example, the Upper Grounds only) for the day prior, which would block out this time for you to arrive at any time of your convenience during your check-in day. This is especially helpful if a portion of your group would prefer to arrive earlier for set-up.

I’d like to request a late check-out.

We keep to our 11am check-out as our maintenance and cleaning services rely on the allocated time block between guest bookings for their scheduled cleaning/maintenance. 

Based on availability, you can reserve a portion of the Hi Desert Ranch (for example, the Upper Grounds only) for the day after, which would block out this time for you to depart at any time of your convenience during your check-out day. 


3. Packing

The Hi Desert Ranch is a nature-immersed location, do pack with that in mind. Our nature path between the Lower Grounds and Upper Grounds is clear and well-marked, however prickly things are abundant in the desert, and closed-toe shoes would be most comfortable when walking the path. 


Group Packing Suggestions

  • Ice for the outdoor drinks cooler

  • Firewood when fires are allowed: This is easiest picked up en route to the Ranch (Circle K: 6940 Old Woman Springs Rd, Yucca Valley, CA 92284 )

  • Coffee, drinks, ice

  • Drinking water if you don't like tap water

  • Board games or cards

  • Cooking oil and groceries, any speciality cookware

Personal Packing Suggestions

  • Closed-toe shoes

  • Warm layers for the evenings

  • Sunblock

  • Body lotion/moisturizer and lip balm (The desert air can be drying)

  • A sun hat

  • Day-pack with water bottle if you are hiking

  • Swimsuit for the hot tubs and pool

  • Reading/journaling material for the hammocks and reading nooks

  • WiFi hotspot if you absolutely require reliable high-speed internet

We provide:


  • Kitchen cooking basics

  • Dish soap and sponges

  • Sugar, salt, pepper, a small array of spices

  • Service for twelve

  • Propane for the outdoor grill

  • Outdoor drinks cooler (bring your own ice)




  • Bed linens

  • Bath towels

  • Shampoo/body wash

  • Hair Dryer

  • Paper products (paper towels, toilet paper)


  • Foot pump for floaties, there might be some pool noodles and floaties from previous guests.

  • Pool towels

4. Rules

Upper Grounds, Casita


Guest understands information as contained in this rental listing, and agrees to the following:

• Guests agree to property and AirBNB rules. This includes Good Neighbor Rules for sound, as our ability to continue to offer outdoor activities is dependent on this. If rules are violated, we will issue an initial correction notice by phone and booking platform. If continued and/or egregious violation, the booking platform will be involved. This may result in cancellation of your reservation, which will require all guests to immediately vacate the premises. 

• The scope of our Standard Cleaning Fee is normal guest wear and tear.  If additional emergency cleaning/maintenance staff is needed to restore the property on schedule, guests agree to pay these additional costs in full. This puts considerable strain on our hard-working crew, and we would prefer to avoid this. 

•  By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise.


Please enjoy your time at the Hi Desert Trip with the awareness that those neighboring you (human and animal) also wish to enjoy the privacy, peace, and quiet of the desert too. Sound and voices carry in the open desert. 

  • Quiet hours are between 10pm and 8am. During quiet hours, no amplified music and please keep voice down, particularly beyond the courtyard walls.

  • In general, please do minimize sound/voices beyond the courtyard walls.

  • Absolutely no use of remote-control aircraft (drones), firearms, or other disruptive activities on the Hi Desert Ranch or anywhere.

  • Pick up any trash, particularly when turning in at night. Loose trash can easily be blown into the open desert by the wind.

  • Please do not use bedroom blankets outside. Courtesy outdoor-use blankets are in the wire baskets in the living room.

Fire Safety

The Joshua Tree area is a high fire hazard zone.  

  • Absolutely no open flames, fireworks, or fire lanterns.

  • Extinguish/dispose of cigarettes responsibly.

  • In the outdoor fireplace, please be vigilant - never leave the fire unattended and no large fires/spark.

  • No fires in outdoor fireplace when windy.


We are lucky to share this space with many flora and fauna, including quail, coyotes, rabbits, birds, and reptiles. Please be aware that this is their home too. 

  • Please stay on designated walking paths.

  • Please leave vegetation and animals undisturbed.  Do not collect vegetation. Do not burn vegetation.

  • Joshua Trees have a very shallow root system. Please do not lean on, hang from, or engage in any activity that would compromise their sensitive root system, as this can lead to the trees collapsing.

  • There are many kinds of snakes in the desert, including venomous rattlesnakes. If you encounter snakes on the property please call us immediately so we can arrange for a reptile specialist to safely relocate it.  Please do not harm any snakes, as they just want to be left alone.